Stroke Hacker Recovery System

The StrokeHacker coaching sessions focus not only on quick actions on how to improve the survivor’s recovery process but on finding your purpose in this new reality. There is a new life after a stroke.


In this hectic world that is full of gurus offering you thousands of secret formulas, there are still people who care deeply about helping and being there for you when things get tough.


One of those people is Sean. 



Maybe because he wishes he had someone like him when he went through his recovery process or because this is his purpose, but his biggest interest is to help clarify the path to recovery, change your mindset, give you structure and find your own purpose.


The Stroke Hacker Recovery System consists of 3 steps:

Step 1


We will evaluate your recovering stroke survivor’s physical
and emotional status and goals.

Step 2


We will set up a series of personalized — goals with each step providing new hope for regaining freedom.

Step 3


With determined goals, we will guide you through a splan to speed up the recovery of your loved one in: Physical Capabilities, Psychological and Emotional States, and Mental Clarity.

What people are saying

“Following my stroke, Sean helped me transition from a “poor me, why me” attitude to a “why not me?” He showed me how to help others, which has made a huge difference in my life.”
Tina Hollands
Stroke Survivor
"Shortly after I had my stroke, I felt lost and was afraid that I would not recover. Sean’s advice and recovery experience motivated me to improve and make continuous improvements."
Matthew Jacob
Stroke Survivor & Consumer Analyst
“Survivors need a team of supporters to help them recover. Sean is an enormous force for good for those around him. He sees the good in people and urges them to further achievement.”
Dr. S. Thomas Charmichael
MD, PhD.
"Sean has turned his unfortunate situation into an opportunity to inspire stroke survivors. His mindset, “I can, I shall, I will,” has propelled him to serve others."
Dana Rivera
Stroke Survivor & Co-Founder of ABI Peer Mentor Group

Garret Gauville

James Campbell

Alexis Shoemate

Alex King

Discover what the Stroke Hacker Team can do to help you recover from the challenges of having a stroke.

Sean’s mantra: I can, I shall, I will™ – can become your mantra for regaining your freedom. Start planning for the next phase of your life by booking your complimentary one on one call using the button below. 

Sean is a personal coach in the health field who has spent more than 10 years searching for answers and validating his techniques. His one-on-one coaching sessions have been considered life-changing by his clients.