Reclaim your

Achieve the Unbelievable

Reclaim your

Achieve the Unbelievable


1-on-1 Sessions


In the 1-on-1 coaching sessions Sean will make an initial complete evaluation, where the points of improvement will be identified and we’ll generate a starting game plan, with which you’ll start making the necessary changes in your life and notice the benefits within a few weeks.

To achieve significant long-term changes and improvements, we recommend a specialized team to meet your needs, or we can work alongside your current therapists.

Ground Breaking Therapy

Our therapies are personalized and based on real cases of improvement.

Physical Therapies

Speech Therapies

Psychological Therapies

Emotional Therapies

Breathing and Meditation Exercises


Food is medicine and we begin to heal from the core.

Natural Supplements

After trying  everything, Sean has the most accurate recommendations for whatever ails you.

Training Studio

The StrokeHacker training center is equipped with innovative and specialized equipment for different conditions.

We are always looking for new ways to push the limits, and we have found in technology a great ally.

Remember: There are no magic formulas, the game plan works because its parts complement each other.



For over 10 years, Sean has been helping stroke and brain injury victims overcome the struggles of their new reality. 

Sean designed the StrokeHacker Master Course to provide this guide that covers everything you need to know to achieve your radical transformation and overcome your new challenges. Whether you are just embarking on this process, or have hit a plateau on your journey, this Master course is designed to get you into the right mindset and provide you the roadmap to achieve the unbelievable. 

You are not alone. Others have been through what you are going through.

Sean has helped hundreds of people for over 10 years, and this Master Course compiles all the knowledge he has acquired during this time.



Whether you are a survivor, family member or caregiver, in the StrokeHacker Community you will find the company and support you are looking for. 

We work together to achieve the unbelievable: you can overcome your difficulties and achieve a new reality. A shared commitment to your mission and accountability will allow you to reach your goals. Together. 

We're waiting for you!



After testing virtually everything, Sean is well aware of what you need (and those products you don’t even know you need), but he also knows that only a few products that are designed for people with physical disabilities actually work.

Here you will find products that have been tested and approved by Sean.